James Purcell, MPS

Peer Support Coach

“Being a Peer Support Coach gives me a chance to give back to my brother and sister Veterans in recovery. My own journey has taken me through addiction and even homelessness—and there were so many great people to help me get back on my feet. It is important for me to be there for other Veterans today and help them accomplish their life goals, just as I was helped.”

Efrain Mercado, CSW

Supervisor of Peer Support Coaches, Jobs2Vets

“As a veteran with a past history of homelessness and substance use, I find it extremely rewarding to find myself in a position where I can help others who were in my situation. SAMHSA has given me the opportunity to assist veterans with job placement, obtaining training and schooling, and volunteerism. It has been a pleasure to provide these services to Veterans who simply desire to get their life back in order. It is hard to explain the feeling that I get when I am successful in helping a Veteran find gainful employment or complete a training program.


Jobs2Vets’ Peer Support Coaches are in a unique position to give back and make a difference in the lives of forgotten heroes who are in recovery. The most rewarding aspect of my job is when a Veteran thanks me for my efforts and expresses how much they have gained.”

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